Uber Faced a lot of Criticism for its Surge Odd Hours Pricing after London Attacks

Terrorism is borderless and has no religion, as the liberal-minded people say. Be it India, Afghanistan, France, or United States, terror has brought down these nations on their knees, somewhat. Whether it’s the Uri attack in the heart of Kashmir or the Nice Attack in Paris, terror taken away many Lives caused massive destruction, however, humanity prevailed. Since every attack has stories of humanity associated with it, people saving lives, denoting funds, food, shelter, and helping each other in every possible way.

Uber, the company that redefined the taxi network in 82 countries, 662 cities, however, turned a blind eye after the London attacks, as it continued its surge odd hours fare pricing.

Uber app users complained them being charged inflated prices on the intervening night of Saturday and Sunday, after a Van ran into pedestrians over the London Bridge, and three knife-wielding terrorists attacked people in nearby areas, leaving seven died, and many injured.

The social media enthusiasts, the twitter army took the battle in their own hands, after commentators complained Uber should have monotonously disabled its odd hours’ extra pricing system in order to help make their way home across the London.

Uber was trolled by Twitter users for showcasing their inhuman behavior towards the citizens of London.

One Twitter user tweeted “Hey @Uber — you’re really going to surge price x2.1 during a terrorist attack in #London???”

Another tweet, “Big fan of @Uber but bitterly disappointed in profiting from a terrorist attack.”

The general manager of Uber London, Tom Evidge, had to come out and defend the going on-slot on the company’s reputation and credibility. He said Uber would charge people for services obtained near the attack sites.

Also added, “As soon as we heard about the incident we immediately suspended dynamic pricing all around the area of the attacks — and shortly afterward across the whole of central London — just as we did following the attacks in Manchester and Westminster,”

Heart of the matter

Uber surge fare algorithm reacts and sets the pricing to demand. This controversial pricing system was designed in a quest to leverage Uber drivers to cater the transportation needed by people located in the area struck by any disaster or any other emergency.

At 10:08 Pm, when the first emergency call was made. And, by 10:50 Pm, surge price fares were disabled in the immediate areas of terror attacks said the officials of Uber, and extended to cover the central London by 11:40 Pm.

Source: CNN Tech

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