Akinator Unblocked – How to Access the Game at School, College & Office?

Akinator Unblocked Games

Have you ever heard about Akinator? Akinator is such an amazing game that if you’ll play it once, you’ll love it. Basically, it is an online game being developed by a French company, namely, Elokence. Here, you are asked to think about a fictional character, an animal, a movie or an object then the system will ask you a few questions regarding the same and hence, they will predict the one you were thinking about. Basically, if you’re thinking about something famous, Akinator will guess it easily, but if it isn’t that famous, then the Akinator will ask you a few more questions but no doubts, the Akinator will surely guess the right one.

Why Akinator Blocked in School, College University and office?

For those of you, who don’t really know, the game is currently blocked in schools, colleges, universities as well as offices. No, there is nothing bad about the game, it’s just that the game is quite addictive. If it will be allowed to such places, the users won’t be working or studying, instead, they will be busy playing the game, obviously. Therefore, using the latest software tools, they block such games as neither these are educational nor they carry any useful information. But no worries, you can now unblock Akinator as well.

How to unblock Akinator? Two possible solutions

There are a lot many ways to unblock Akinator if it is blocked.  Either you can add the website for hosting a file to block them or you can add the URL in router settings for blocking them, in addition to this, you can use the content filtering tools as well. Still, there are many more ways for the same, but the best amongst all these is the URL blocking by the use of file hosting.

Therefore, I am mentioning two solutions here, for your convenience. Follow the steps below and that’s it, your Akinator will be unclocked.

#1: Remove Akinator URL from the Host file

If a windows system is being used by you, then a host file will surely be there. Hostnames are mapped to IP Address by the OS File. Now, I recommend you to search on google to know more regarding the same as if I’ll be telling more, then you will obviously be confused between the technical terms here. Therefore, if against an IP address, a website URL is being added you would not be able to access it further. Thus, you can check whether the Akinator is in the host list or not, just by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Step 1: By using the administrator privilege, run the notepad.
  • Step 2: Then, open the host file which is located at the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\
  • Step 3: Now check if Akinator is mentioned there in the list, if yes, then remove the line and then save the file as well.

If your web admin will block it by the host, only then, the Akinator URL will be listed there on the host file. If this solution doesn’t work for you, don’t worry. All you have to do is to follow the second step now.

#2: Unblock Akinator using 4everproxy Website

Obviously, you might be knowing now, that by using proxies and VPNs, you can easily unblock the websites. But somehow, VPNs won’t be working here for you as in all likelihood you won’t be having any permissions for installing the additional software in the systems on your respective schools and offices. Therefore, the only way available now to unblock Anikator is to use a proxy website. Using a proxy website is an amazing alternate as well. Alas, all the proxy sites do not work for Akinator. But don’t worry, we’re here for your help now. We’ve got you an amazing proxy site that completely works for Akinator.

  • Step 1: First of all, go to 4everproxy website.
  • Step 2: Here, you have to type the URL for Akinator. The URL is https://en.akinator.com.
  • Step 3: Then, click on Go for continuing.

Here, you will see the blocked website of Anikator. Now, just by clicking on the play button, you can continue further to play the game.


You can easily unblock websites by using tools such as VPNs as well as by using proxy sites as well. But it is quite obvious, that you won’t be allowed for using VPNs or other third-party tools in schools and colleges. The only way now is to use a proxy site. Now, the question here arises, which proxy to choose? But no worries as we are always here to help you. Thus, to your convenience, I recommend you to use, 4everproxy, to continue using anikator at your schools and offices. Give this a try, hope this helps.


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