Why Invest In Anker’s Fast Wireless Charger

Anker’s Fast Wireless Charger to offer Charging Support to both Android as well as iPhones

There are varieties of charging pads available in the market, but if you are searching a quality product at a lower price, nothing is better than the Anker PowerWave pad which is available in Amazon with the lowest guaranteed price. Moreover, it supports the charging for android as well as the iPhones which are great indeed. Those who use Galaxy S9, LG V30 thin Q and other smartphones can avail the benefits of charging the phone 30 times faster. It is an advanced technology product which also incorporates a cooling system.

The total safety cover prevents the Anker Powerwave pad which is indeed must for every user to have. Also, this charging pad is available in grey and white colors where the aluminum frame handles the smartphone correctly. Anker PowerWave charging pad is available at online shopping websites where you can easily buy them.

Know More about the Product

Highly Safe: You don’t need to worry about removing the cover while charging because it can successfully work even in large protection cases.

Multiple features: Works as a shield to powerful radiations, over-charge protection and detects any foreign object instantly if placed on the charging pad

Instant charging: the excellent working and WaveBoost technology have provided a cooling load to 30% faster than the other wireless chargers.

Compatibility: Supports all wireless charging phones including the iPhone 7.5 W and 10 W Samsung flagship phones. However, a quick charge 3.0 wall charger is required for fast charging

In the box

Powerwave 7.5 pad, users manual, 18 months guarantee card, instant charger 3.0 AC adapter, a 3 ft PowerLine micro USB cable, and a supportive customer care service.

Get ready for a high charging solution which will never disappoint you in the long run. Anker PowerWave charging pad is all you need!!


Vaibhav Jain

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