Coming Soon: BMW Cars with a Personal Voice Assistant

German automobile manufacturer BMW has announced the introduction of an ‘intelligent’ personal assistant in its cars. Personal assistants powered by artificial intelligence have been here for a while now, but the use of this technology in the automobile sector, and that too user-facing is an unprecedented development.

The latest feature is expected to bring about a lot of enhancements to the driving experience in BMW cars, considerably reducing the manual efforts of the driver and replacing them with verbal commands. The company has named the product as BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. It will be a self-learning assistant which will keep getting better with every use.

Keeping up with the trend in personal assistants, the company has kept it as a female voice. The user can even name the assistant as per the wish, and it will respond to that name.

Key Features/Functions of the BMW Voice Assistant

Through this first-of-its-kind assistant, the driver will be able to control most of the functions of the car by giving instructions verbally. This will include features like controlling the temperature of the car, controlling opening and closing of window panes, as well as the radio and music player. The driver will also be able to get advice from the assistant, with regard to the correct settings like beam light and indicators, as well as for navigation purposes. Even more, the intelligent assistant will keep the updates about the vital parameters of the vehicle like fuel levels, tyre air pressure and engine status etc., and alert the driver by notifying whenever attention is required.

Since the assistant will be powered by the latest artificial intelligence technologies, it will be able to learn and relearn the preferences of the user, and response in accordance to them.

The feature is expected to roll out in the select BMW cars by March next year.

Vaibhav Jain

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