Hyderabad to Become Next India’s Startup Hub (Reason is Shocking)

As per the report from nasscom, Hyderabad has all the components to become India’s next start-up hub. When it comes to startups, there are only three options as we can think of Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai.

The state of Telangana was formed in June 2014 when all were busy in Bangalore, Gurgaon, and Mumbai. They have laid the foundation by having the collaboration with investors and government.

One of the major factors of Hyderabad’s startup is T-Hub (the country’s largest startup incubator. Spread across 70,000 sq.ft)

The building have co-working spaces, meeting areas, networking sessions, events and conferences

IT and Pharmaceuticals are among the leading industries in Telangana

What Investors are Saying

Sanjay Enishetty, managing director and CEO of 50K Ventures, says, “In the past year, we’ve witnessed a surge of core technology companies in Hyderabad, focused on solving real world problems. We’ve invested in four such companies.”

Also, he added that T-Hub has played a major role in enabling inclusion between the entire entrepreneurial community in Hyderabad

Navneet Singh

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