This Malicious Android App Can Steal Your Personal Data

We all know malicious, fraud Android Apps do dwell; however, not all have uninstalled (or not install) them on their smartphone. Most are uninformed of their names and still have some Mbs’ of their phone occupied by such deceit applications.

Here, we’ll put forth a recently launched Android Application, found guilty of capturing the personal data of the smartphone owner, upon installation. Welivesecurity mentioned about this news on their blog first

What is This App?

An Application masquerading as a Flash app, LED widget was reported stealing critical personal data of users via camera flash; according to a blog posted by Lukas Stefanko, a researcher from ESET security, a tech enterprise. Tech analysts reported the app has a harmful Trojan, which is capable of gleaning critical information such as banking details, texts, call logs and capture snaps of your face. And, all these fraudulent activities conducted without the permission of the owner.

This application, commonly used as a torch, available on Google play store, is said to display a scam screen that imitates any original monetary application. Flash LED widget, fools the user by leveraging him or her to provide real banking credentials (username and password). In addition, this application can hack text messages, which facilitate a fraudster to surpass two-factor authentication. Irrespective of the version of your Android device, this app can breach your Smartphone’s security.

Because of its dynamic ability, this app is capable of recreating a fake replica of any app installed on the user’s phone. Since, the malware embedded in this flash app, it can obtain HTML code based on apps present on the victim’s device and uses that code to overlay the apps with fake screens, once they’re launched.

When the Scam of This App Came to Light?

This application was declared a scam by Google on April, the 10th after a Trojan was reported by ESET; a trustworthy name is the list of top antiviruses.

How to Stay Away From Such Apps?

Though, there is no certification to tell the credibility of any mobile application, as a rule of thumb, opt for official app stores when installing Android apps. Although not flawless, Google employs an advanced security algorithm to keep scam apps at bay.
When in doubt about installing an application, check its popularity by the number of installs, its ratings, and, most importantly, the reviews.

Wrapping up, always go for a trustworthy mobile security solution to secure your device from the newest threats.

Navneet Singh

An IT Engineer by Education and Internet Marketer by Profession. Here at Techinfo Junction, he covers exclusive news and how-to around gadgets.