Mumbai is the (First City) to have Mobile Ticketing System

This week, Mumbai Metro has announced the launch of first mobile ticketing system for passengers. The name of the mobile app is ‘OnGo’. With this app, the commuters can pass the AFC gates using their smart phones. The system in the end stage of testing and will be completed by mid of August.

Now for single return tickets, tokens, and top-ups will end. No more queuing.

QR code will be generated when commuters will buy a token or pass by using the Mumbai Metro App. The generated QR code will help to gain access through AFC gates

This Mumbai Metro App is Specially for:

The commuters who want to book the tokens and passes without standing in queues before the ticketing window.

The commuters can even book up to one week advance with OnGo Mumbai Metro App

Source: The Economic Times

Navneet Singh

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