7 Secret Android Functions 90% of Users Don’t Know About

In the last one decade or so, smartphones have made a big foray into our lives, to become an absolute indispensable entity of our daily routine. In fact, we can skip supper, but not texting a funny meme to our friends, relatives, or someone special in life.

Not just calling, phone of today are designed and feature-enriched to cater their user’s entertainment needs. Right from streaming a video online, Whatsapp conversation, to motion sensing games, phones, over the years have evolved dramatically to become the new idiot box.

Do you belong to the family of millions of Android user? Yeah, then read till the end as we’ve rounded top eight secret Android functions, which 90% of users are unaware of:

The Trick to Save Battery

Ironically, all the advancements in the vertical of mobile technology have on the whole done nothing to lower the battery usage and improve its life. However, there is an easy-peasy trick any Android user can attempt to keep his or her device running for long without the need to plug it frequently to the charger. Just select a black or just any dark background for your screen; the automatic pixel highlighting will turn off, therefore, preventing the battery from draining out quickly.


The text-to-speech feature is always there on smartphones, somehow most of us either overlook this attribute of an Android phone or don’t know what this feature is all about. With an Android phone in your pocket, you can not only read an article, also listen to it, by turning on the text-to-speech in the setting.

A Secret Game

Every Android smartphone is gifted with a secret game; same is the case for Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Unless you are a tech-savvy individual, it won’t be easy for any Android user to locate. To get started with this game, go to the setting, and select about the phone. Then, quickly tap Android version several times, and once a small marshmallow shows up on the display screen, and a special mini-game will load.

Control Smartphone Movements with Head

Do you know one can control smartphone with head movements? Imagine, on a wintry afternoon in the middle of heavy snowing, your Android phone rings. This is probably frightening experience when you know you got to undress your gloves to answer the call, but by installing a free app, with the name EVA facial mouse, you’ll able to direct your phone to the nod of your head.

Hotspot Mode

Hotspot mode is one of those attributes of an Android phone, which is quite useful yet something unheard of. By switching the Hotspot feature, you can gift the internet to any other device with ease. How to get started? Firstly, Go to Settings -> Tethering and portable hotspot, and lastly switch on the Portable WLAN hotspot.

Screen Magnifier

Many will find this feature quite annoying, but people with poor eyesight are the real beneficiary of this Android phone feature. This will facilitate the user to zoom into any part of the display just by tapping on the screen. To turn on screen magnifier, go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Magnification gestures.

Guest Mode

There is often a situation, when you just can’t refuse to present your smartphone to another person, and more often than not to your mum and dad. However, after turning on the guest mode, you can give without a dilemma. Under this mode, you can keep your critical personal data confidential.

To wrap, most of the secret features are at least worth an attempt.

Navneet Singh

An IT Engineer by Education and Internet Marketer by Profession. Here at Techinfo Junction, he covers exclusive news and how-to around gadgets.