Folding Screens: The Latest Crazy Feature in the Smartphone Space

In what can be called a major breakthrough in display technology, brands are now readying up for smartphones with folding screens. The development is being seen as a response to the sinking sales numbers and an expected stagnation in the market. The folding screen is amongst the slew of crazy features that can be seen in the smartphones in the time to come.

Huawei, which is now the world’s second-largest producer of smartphones, recently announced that they are working on a phone with a screen that would fold to fit in your pocket. The revelation has come from Richard Yu, who is the CEO of the company’s consumer division. Samsung is also expected to showcase a prototype with the folding screen at the upcoming events.

 The idea behind folding screens

The idea behind introducing such screens is that the smartphones with current screen dimensions are not suitable to carry out all kinds of work. Also, smartphones with larger screens or tablets do not fit in the pocket. The solution is the breakthrough concept of smartphones with large screens that can simply fold to enter the pockets.

If we go by the estimates, these smartphones are will be different from the flip phones which were in the trend till a few years ago. The flip phones relied on a hinge to connect two different parts of the phone. However, the latest phones with folding screens will actually make the screen fold and unfold. This has been enabled by rapid advancements in the display technology.

Devices with folding screens will make their way to the markets by next year, although the exact look and feel of the phones are still unknown. If the initial experiments with the concept of folding screens find a liking for the consumers, many brands would follow the suit and come up with similar phones.

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Navneet Singh

An IT Engineer by Education and Internet Marketer by Profession. Here at Techinfo Junction, he covers exclusive news and how-to around gadgets.