Google Pairs up with Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Users Thrilled

Google’s Daydream VR project is one of a kind. It is so far the best Virtual Reality Technology we have been able to achieve. Initially Samsung was not a part of deal. The Samsung handsets already came with Samsung Gear VR sets which were provided by the tech giant Oculus. Due to the already existing VR sets and an agreement with Oculus, it must’ve not been possible for the company to sign up for the Daydream project.

The Daydream VR beats Samsung Gear VR in all categories. It is lighter, smaller, made of fabric, available in more colours, supports Daydream configured devices while the latter only supports Samsung, has adjustable resolutions. The Daydream VR stands unchallenged in the competition

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ have already become engrained in society, with its infinity super AMOLED display, 4GB RAM and super fast processor, it has become the phone of the masses. The buyers were initially disappointed when they learnt that the phone is not a part of the Google daydream project.

But all their sorrows turned into happiness, when Google announced that Samsung is going to be included in the project. The plan is to roll out an update which would configure the Samsung handsets to work with the daydream VR.  Google has already began with the updates and have tied up with various network carriers to reach out to the users.

It is indeed a very good news for the fans of Samsung and Daydream VR project. It is official now though publicity and advertising the collaboration on the boxes might take a while. The Daydream VR is available on Flipkart for INR 6499 only. So grab them till the stock lasts!

Arindam Singh

Arindam is a Law student at the Panjab University, Chandigarh with an English Hons. as one of the subjects. He is a professional Mountaineer and a part time writer, singer, Footballer and an avid reader. He likes to write about different genres and take up challenges.