One Plus 5 Users Alarmed by Constant Push Notifications

When One plus 5 was unveiled on June 20th 2017, no one had expected it to reach the heights in such a short time. One plus 5 emerged out as the highest selling phone on amazon with variants available in RAM as high as 8GB and internal memory up to 128GB. It has proven to be a flagship killer.

With the humongous amount of features and the best in class camera, the phone stands on an altogether different footing. It sold 3 times the amount of phones the previous versions One plus 3 and One Plus 3T sold combined.

But the glory days of this phone seem to be coming to an end. Recently a lot of people have complained of pop-up notifications with advertisement coming up on the screen. On talking to various users, we found out that this problem was not limited to some, but most of them reported to have this reoccurring​ problem.

Users have reported this to various One Plus Forums, but it doesn’t seem to end their problems. The only way out is to turn of all the notifications but that is also not very convenient in a way because it would then forbid all the notifications.

Due to the large amounts of reporting, the One Plus Forum released an official statement stating that these pop up notifications were nothing but just a feedback from the users about the phone.

Although this statement doesn’t serve as a great defence in front of disturbed and unsatisfied customers, but the One Plus Forum doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it. There are a lot of better ways to take a feedback, for example via E-mails, Social network Platforms, like Facebook, Instagram etc.. The One Plus team should look into the issue before it takes a serious toll on the reputation of the company and its clients.

Source: thedroidreview

Arindam Singh

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