Smartphones or DSLRs? : Phones with multiple cameras, lenses

The camera has become an integral part of all smartphones today, and brands are now going overboard to provide an enhanced mobile photography experience to the users. Some recent and many upcoming smartphone models are now featuring multiple cameras, with varied features and serving different purposes.

With smartphones having 2 cameras being the accepted standard now, phones with 3 cameras are already out there in the market. Several top players in the smartphone market have already announced that they are working on phones with upto 5 cameras with a string of advanced features. If the rumors are to be believed, upcoming handsets from brands like Samsung and LG are expected to imbibe at least three cameras.

What’s the point?

While a regular user may not be able to appreciate the benefits of multiple cameras, companies claim that the various specifications, sensors and resolutions of these cameras bring in a lot of flexibility to the mobile photography. The user can simply switch between lenses and camera, as per the lighting and other factors, to click pictures that are just perfect. Also, the photographs clicked from different cameras can be merged together to give pictures that are extremely detailed. Moreover, with so many sensors already assembled in the device, clicking kick-ass photographs becomes much easier through the smartphone than through a DSLR.

The purpose of multiple cameras is not limited to photography alone. The presence of these cameras will also enable your smartphone to perform a slew of advanced features. These include thermal imaging, 3 D mapping and text recognition. The cameras will also be able to provide better and more accurate face recognition capability to the smartphones.

Some of the smartphones that have featured multiple cameras include Huawei P20 Pro, Light L16 and Oppo Find 7. Predictions are strong that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 will feature a triple camera. LG’s V40One is also expected to be on the similar lines as far as the camera is concerned. One can even expect a three-camera iPhone by next year!

Given the kind of competition and dynamism in the smartphone market, other players are also expected to follow the suit soon and come up with smartphones featuring cutting edge, multiple cameras.

Vaibhav Jain

Vaibhav is a budding engineer and an aspiring writer, media and technology enthusiast. When all of these interests meet, he creates amazing content pertaining to the latest developments in technology, particularly in the smartphones and gadgets space.