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If you’re a true sports fan, you know the importance of sports. Watching sports has always been a matter of pleasure and joy for all those who truly value it. No matter whether you’re watching sports on the television or witnessing it live in the stadium, you’ll love it.

Being modernized with the upcoming trends and technology is another amazing thing. Hence, compiling these both, the latest technology makes it easier for you to access sports on your laptops, PCs as well as mobiles. Elaborating the same, there are so many sites that offer amazing sports content online for free in good quality. One such site is p2p4u. The site seems quite a good one but not that perfect to that extent. Some issues are noticed. Thus, here are the top 10 alternatives that can be used instead of p2p4u.

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As per me, my first preference would be Stream2watch. No doubts, it is one of the best p2p4u alternatives. You can access any sport on the site. The site seems to be a good choice as it offers the best links to different games in daily updates. Google Chrome can be used to access it. But for a better experience, Adobe Flash player is a better choice.


The next best p2p4u alternatives is The site comes with an amazing user friendly website. Surprisingly, the site is not at all crowded with a list of games, thus, you can easily access sports such as, hockey, football, tennis, etc. All you have to do is to select the particular sport from the list and enjoy. Also, the site gets updated frequently.


If your heart is truly In sports, you must have come across ESPN. The site is completely designed to entertain the sports lovers. It is the next best p2p4u alternatives. It allows US people to access sports matches. Moreover, it is designed to watch US sports games. Somehow, you can easily get the results of the matches as well as full summary as a part of the news from the top menu. As the site has its own app for mobiles, this seems to be a good choice.


The next best alternative is the SonyLiv. The site has overall, a user-friendly interface. Somehow, there are least or no ads on the site. Also, you can watch any game across the globe as well as get the short highlights from the matches you’ve missed. No doubt, the site overall seems to be the right choice. Give this a try.


Simple and effective, the site is quite a good one. If the television show is missed by you, the site is the perfect solution. The main focus of the site is Basketball, soccer, baseball, etc. All you have to do is to select the particular sport from the menu and done. A must-try.


To watch live sports, this is the best p2p4u alternatives. The site comes with an astonishing user friendly interface. Somehow, the site works great, no matter what device you’re using. There is a wide variety of content available. Check this out.


My next preference would be The site is quite well organized. You can access the non-major sports too, such as Ice -hockey, that too, for free.  You can use the search box to search details of the events happening, on-going as well as the upcoming ones. Enjoy.


The next best p2p4u alternatives is CHANFEED.COM. It is a popular site. If you’re using this Site, you’ll not miss anything regarding the world of sports. The site gets regular updates. The interface is overall exciting and user friendly. Overall, a good site to try.


Another amazing site is. One of the best p2p4u alternatives. You can easily find articles related to the events taking place. The interface is user-friendly. On the homepage itself, you can find the streaming events. There are very few ads. A list for games is displayed on the site. Try this.


One of the best p2p4u alternatives it is. Being updated with technology, the site is a perfect choice. You can add links for free. Also, there are so many links for a particular game. You can watch all the mainstream sports for free. Give this a shot.


Surely all these websites are amazing. If not television, then these sites can help you. Giving them a try won’t affect anyone, then why not? Give these sites a try, and thus, choose the one perfect as per your requirements. Stay updated with the latest technologies, try these sites. You’ll not regret.


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