How to Play Chrome Dinosaur Game with and without Internet?

Play Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

Google Chrome Dinasour Game With And Without The Internet

Getting disconnected from the internet is an experience no one would like to stand. In the modern world, where posting every minute of your life is a wish, being in a ‘no network’ zone can be quite annoying.

And, these days the internet has become the favorite pass-time for every individual. Be it a gameplay, music, web shows or something related to office-work and studies, everything has a one-tap search online.

Well, overcoming bad network problems is not the aim of this article. Rather, we aim at giving a solution to your boredom without this bad internet hindrance.

Google Chrome has a hidden game that works without the internet. I am talking about the T-Rex Run game which many of you might currently be playing and many may not have heard about it, obviously because it is hidden.

To elaborate, when you have lost internet connection in the chrome browser, it says “you are offline” or ”no internet” with that familiar Tyrannosaurus icon. That Tyrannosaurus is actually a secret game that you can play while you are offline of a T-Rex Run, where the dinosaur runs and you just have to jump from the obstacle by tapping the space bar. This simple game can be quite addictive, especially when you have lost internet connection.

This secret game can be played on both mobile phones and PC or in any device with google chrome.

Further, in this article, let us see how you can play google chrome dinosaur run while you are either offline or online.

Steps To Play T-Rex Run When You Are Offline:

If you have lost internet connection due to network error or you are offline by choice, then you can play the google chrome dinosaur run by following the steps mentioned below:-

  • Step 1: If you are using an android device then turn off the internet from the quick access settings, or put the phone on ‘airplane’ mode.

For iPhone users, you also just have to close your cellular data and wifi connection or you can go to cellular settings and manually disable internet access for chrome if you want to use the internet for other applications at that time. Some androids also allow this feature.

For PCs and other devices, just get disconnected from the internet.

  • Step 2: Open Google Chrome and try to access any webpage of your choice.

You will either see ”No Internet” or ”You are Offline” on the page with a familiar-looking ‘Dinosaur’ or more specifically, a ‘Tyrannosaurus’.

  • Step 3: Tap on that dinosaur and the play will begin. You can also press the spacebar or upper arrow key to start.

The dinosaur will commence running.

  • Step 4: Initiate the gameplay by making the dinosaur jump to skip it from any huddles. You can do this either by pressing the spacebar or upper arrow key from your keypad. You can also tap anywhere on the screen if you are using a touch-screen device.

The gameplay doesn’t have much, you just have to save the tyrannosaurus from the obstacles but still, it can be a good choice to get away from boredom. The speed of the running dinosaur will gradually increase as you get forward in the game. Also, there is score counting going on in the upper right side of the game by which you can beat your own high score which makes it quite interesting. One constraint would be that there is no option of lives in the game, once you lost and you will have to start from the beginning.

Now, let’s have a look at the steps to play google chrome dinosaur run using an internet connection.

Steps To Play T-Rex Run When You Are Online:

You can also play the T-Rex Run without disabling your internet. This can be done by simpling visiting the official site of the game.

  1. Step 1: Go to Google Chrome.
  2. Step 2: Open a new tab.
  3. Step 3: Click on to open the original gaming website.
  4. Step 4: Press the spacebar key or the upper arrow key to begin the play.

By using the online method, you can play this game in any other browsers as well.

Despite the game doesn’t offer much from its side, still, its play is quite well-known. Most of the readers must have read this article to play the game with an internet connection.

Some of you might have accidentally discovered the game and others must have heard about it. Whatever the reason is, this hidden game also hides a reason to check it out once as it being so esoteric.

Others who are completely unaware of it will definitely try the game after reading this article especially by going offline.


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  1. in your address bar, as shown above, and the No internet screen will open press space to play the game. As of today the game has birthday cake and party hats to celebrate four years of being hidden in Chrome. My friend Matthew Hughes wrote a  history of the Chrome dinosaur game over at The Next Web, which is where I found this tip. Apparently this game is played 270 million times each month, and I can t help but wonder how many people intentionally disconnected their internet in order to play. With this tip you don t have to, so keep it handy.


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