[Solved] Zippyshare “403 Forbidden” Error Message In European Countries

Zippyshare 403 Forbidden Error Solved

Do you download stuff online? You must’ve surely come across Zippyshare.com. Zippyshare is a popular file hosting site. You can share your files globally, that too, without any payment. This site was founded in the year 2006. Today, the site is quite popular among the public and thus, one of the top file-sharing communities. By some unofficial reports, we got to know that this site is below 500 ranks as per Alexa website traffic.

The site also offers Sharing features. You are allowed to upload anything which is up to 500 MB. Then you can share its link with as many people as you want. Either, you can listen to music which has already been uploaded there. And guess what? You can do all this without even creating an account. But, if you wish to keep a track of your files, then creating an account is a must. Note that, you can either create an account, download the app or even use it free of cost, without any payment.

This site brings up a lot more ads as well as commercial content. Also, the site causes pop-ups which seems much annoying and that too, redirects to various sites.

Unfortunately, here Is sad news for all those who love this site. Somehow, back in March, the website was unable to be accessed from the United Kingdom. Whenever you connect the website with the IP address of the United Kingdom, thus, a 403 forbidden message is shown.

Surely, this isn’t an Internet Services providers level block. Somehow, a few months later, the same problem is been noticed in Germany. The visitors here are receiving the same messages. Also, visitors from Spain as well, are reporting similar issues. Surprisingly, no warning regarding the same was being received by anyone. Thus, being unaware of the takedown of the website, they couldn’t even back up all their files to some different place.

Hence, people from these countries are now messed-up. They have no access to the website now.

Is Zippyshare “403 Forbidden” Message Due To Isp Level Block?

No doubts, this isn’t an ISP level block at all. The reason for the same is that If somehow, the internet service provider must have done this, you must’ve got a warning while you were accessing the site. In the same case, everyone from the United Kingdom, Germany as well as Spain are getting the same messages.

However, you must know how to block a site from a specific region, if you are a web developer. Somehow, most of the webmasters are trying the same just to prevent the unwanted, yet annoying, Chinese bot for using web resources. Thus, similarly, the same method is being used for preventing visitors from particular regions just to access this site.

Now the question arises that arises here, is why the website is blocked in a few countries only? Therefore, elucidating the impression that this might be due to some of the legal issues. Since its establishment, it is spreading pirated content. Though the site is still blocked in three countries, there is still no official reason for the same.

How To Access Zippyshare Bypassing “403 Forbidden” Error Message?

Since the Website is not yet taken down completely, you can still access it from all the other countries as well, except the United Kingdom, Germany, and Spain. For making it possible, all you have to do is to use any VPN software on the device you’re operating. However, there are a lot of VPN tools being available for you in the market. Few such examples are CyberGhost, TunnelBear, ExpressVPN, IPVanish, etc.

IPVanish is the one that seems best to me. Thus here are the steps being involved:

STEP 1: Download & Install VPN

IPVanish isn’t a free service. But no doubt, this Is an amazing tool, thus, I recommend this instead of those free tools, due to security issues.

STEP 2: Open the Software

As per the next step, all you have to do is to open the software. Now, connect it to the servers, but make sure, that you connect it to the servers other than the United Kingdom, Germany, and Spain. Try avoiding IP address from European countries, if possible.

STEP 3: The Final Step

As soon as you get connected to it, successfully, do visit Zippyshare.com once again. Now, somehow, you can access the website. Thus, no “403 Forbidden” message will pop-up.


Therefore, elucidating the impression that, Zippyshare.com is unable to get accessed by the users of a few European countries. In these countries, copyright issues matter a lot. These countries are Spain, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Somehow, this site can still be accessed from the users of these three countries. All you have to use is the correct VPN tool.

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